Wednesday, January 26, 2011

who knew?? for sure not me!

hello, hello.  again, it's been awhile.  i am very inconsistent with these posts,'s just kind of how i am!  never on time :)

this time i've been out of town on a WONDERFUL trip.  we went to Crested Butte for jacqui & justin's wedding!  that place is absolutely amazing and i will for sure be doing a post on it and the wedding (just think supermodels!)

my news i want to share here though is....I'M GOING TO BE MARRIED!  yep.  it's true.  somewhere pigs are flying and hell is experiencing a cold front!  who would have ever thought?!?  so, for this post i will tell the super fun proposal story.  here you go....

we actually arrived in crested butte on thursday, and this is when everyone else found out.  but not me!  joe talked to jacqui & justin (the wedding couple) and mentioned possibly doing the proposal at the reception.  the reason for this is that joe and i have made a "thing" out of catching the bouquet and garter at the last few many weddings we've been too.  most guys shy away at the garter toss, so joe has always thought it was fun to be super overzealous.  joe's plan was after he caught the garter and i caught the bouquet, he would do it.  joe asked j & j their thoughts and if it would be okay.  obviously, this day was about them, not us.  but, them being the super cool people that they are, were all for it!

cut to the reception.  they've just done the garter toss and joe caught it with ease.  i get out there with instructions from joe that i "better catch it!"  i guess i didn't pick up on his urgency, because i most definitely did not catch it.  oops!

after this i went outside or something and joe was going to take the ring back to the room and save the proposal for colorado springs.  (we went there after crested butte)  jacqui decided no, we're getting this done!

i came back in, and many of us hit the dance floor doing "the dougie".  (side note:  i believe i told everyone this that night as well, but that dance is really "the shiz", which i saw on first 48)  as that song was coming to an end, the dj calls joe up.  STILL...i think nothing.  well, Better Together by Jack Johnson starts playing (which i've told joe i want to dance to at our wedding) and joe comes over to me to dance.  everyone else starts moving to edge of the dance floor as we're dancing and i am asking over and over "what's going on?"  starting to freak a little.  keep asking.  joe keeps saying "we're just dancing"  AAHHH!!!  finally he says, reach into my right pocket (kind of sounds naughty....but he didn't mean it like that!)  i respond with a huge "NO!"  then he pulled out the ring, got on one knee, and asked me to marry him!!!  i was in complete SHOCK!!!  i looked at him, looked at the ring, looked at him....and finally said "ABSOLUTELY YES!"  it was a complete surprise to me, but not for anyone else!  it was so much fun to share it with such wonderful friends.  and i can't thank j & j enough for letting us share in their big day!  


thank you blake for filming

i probably would have had less wine had i known!

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  1. Congrats Tyler! That was such a suprise and an awesome way to start your life together. If you need a wedding/event coordinator just let me know.

    Carly Wegener
    The Collage Group