Wednesday, January 12, 2011

it can't be happening.

seriously you guys.  this is not good.  not good at all.  it is a moment we all fear and dread.  i think i may have been attacked by the ....


they're not really this bad, but bad enough.  the other day i went to old navy because i have been desperate for some jeans, specifically skinny jeans, to wear with boots.  well...this was a really fast trip since i was in shawnee and had to get back to meeker for lunch (yes, i had high school cafeteria food) and my next class.  now, i know old navy isn't super quality or anything, but i just can't spend a significant amount of money on jeans at the moment, even though i think it is totally worth it.  and really, the jeans i wear to work don't have to be awesome.  i mean, i work in a hole where i really don't think people are paying attention to attire.  seriously. 

this is my question.....what are some good-fitting (for someone who doesn't have a victoria's secret model body.  i know, crazy right?!), relatively inexpensive jeans, all styles?  i would love to do the online/cheaper shopping, but with jeans i really need try on!!  ugh.  drear.

on a happier note, joe is home!!! YEA!!  he arrived this morning as i was getting ready for work and lola and dozer were about to pee themselves they were so happy!!  i was pretty happy too.

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