Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ever been in a room where people probably die?

because i can now say that i have!  morbid-sounding opening, but the following won't be as bad.  i promise. 

last thursday my sister calls me asking if i've talked to mom.  no...i hadn't, why?  this leads to her telling me that she called mom's phone, some lady answered (obviously not mom) and said that she was taking our mom to the ER  because she was having horrible pain and couldn't move.  i'm sorry, what?  where is she going?  what is wrong with her?  where is the pain?  keithley did not have a lot of answers to these questions, but said she would call me when she found out more.  well...after hanging up, what do i do?  immediately call my mom's phone.  i was pretty much told the same things, they were at the hospital, filling out paperwork (just what people in HORRIBLE pain want to do, right?) and that she would call when they figured something out.  i talk to dad, and then to keithley again and we decide to webmd it.  in our professional opinions, we ruled out appendicitis, but couldn't pinpoint the exact problem!

After a bit, my mom has to get a CAT scan, my dad is out of town on work, and so i head to the hospital.  lovely establishment.  upon my arrival i told them who i was there for and they told me i could wait until she got back from her scan.  umm...okay b*tch.  seriously?  so i wait in the waiting room, which is where they put all the sick people too rather than finding rooms or beds or something for them.  my mom comes out, her friend leaves and after about 10 minutes they take us back to a room scary, scary place.  now this is where dead people come into the story.  and i mean no disrespect here, but i feel i should be honest.  they take us past all the glass-walled rooms, (guessing privacy isn't a big issue here?!) which are all full, and down to the last door.  emergency room 16.  ugh.  avoid at all costs.  now, my reason for thinking this might be a final stop for some.

Number one- it is TILE all around...floor and walls. easy clean up?

number two-  it has a door to the outside.  ambulance pulls up and they go right in.  which...i kept worrying was going to happen as we sat there. 

number 3- there is a hand-held shower on the wall.  maybe to spray the blood away?! 
this is where my mind is going as we are stuck in there for over an hour.  i finally ask one of the 236 people that came in and out of there with questions and needles and directions and he dissappointingly told me it's for poison/chemical patients.  DAMN!  my thoughts were so much cooler and more first 48ish (reference to one of my favorite shows)! 

(seriously....i'm not trying to make light of tragic events, but, well....i find it interesting)

my mom ended up having to have surgery that evening for a hernia.  it was causing other problems and if just left untreated would come back, so they said they needed to go ahead and fix it.  the surgery went great, the recovery a little more interesting.  she was cussing up a storm in her room, which is fine by me, but considering the religious affiliation of this hospital, it may not be the most christian-like behavior.  i personally don't think god minds though.  he has other things besides words to worry about!  after a lot of f-words and enduring a brag-a-doshish nurse, my mom got to go home in the wee hours of the morning.  she has been resting and is doing good.  my dad on the other hand, is a bit lost.  i had to go help with laundry because he didn't know how to work the machines!  you think his mom and my mom have spoiled him a bit?!  but that's okay, give the man a lawn to mow or a car to wash and he's as happy as can be!

all of that said, there is something about waiting or hospitals that is just exhausting.  i woke up on friday feeling like i went on a charlie sheen bender!  rough! 

p.s.  that guy is a total whack job!

next time....mcalester, usa

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

manly overload

in the past week or so, i bought a bathroom cabinet, assembled said cabinet, dealt with plumbing issues, found and called a plumber when my skills failed, bought a new microwave and trashed the old one (those are heavy), been knee deep in my pond, cleaned out nasty-fish poo-and whatever else is stuck in the pump with bare hands, dealt with direct tv men, one who was particularly creepy, and been on the phone with at&t for 30 minutes only to have them hang up on me.    whatever happened to getting mani's and pedi's and massages?  not that that has ever been my life, but i do like to imagine what it would be like.

other than all of that stuff, things are pretty calm around here.  the wedding plans are going, although slightly stalled.  STILL waiting for that perfect dress.  it'll come, i know it!

this past saturday was PERFECT in every way!  spaghetti eddie (also known as brendan parker) was playing at the oklahoma city museum of art.  the plan for the day was to go there and rock out with some kiddos and then afterwards head to Eischen's in Okarche.  i tagged along with gena & blake, and we met carrie & brendan, ashley & garrett, april & dusty, and meghan & tyler at the show.  it was so funny to watch all of these kids....especially miss p. cates.  i don't think she ever stood still! super cute.  well, mid-show i run to the restroom and am headed back to my seat and just happen to look over to see joe walking towards me!  he got a quick break from work and surprised me....SO FUN!  he is so good at that :)  i was so happy to see him and pretty pumped that i had a 'partner' for the day and was no longer the 3rd 5th 7th 9th wheel! 

after the museum we met up with sally & ted, but lost the cates, to head to eischen's.  we were planning to caravan out there, but thought it would be a lot more fun if we could all ride together.  Soooooooo....we got a limo!  sounds a little pretentious, but really it was just so we could all have fun together there and back and not worry about anything. it was an absolute blast with fun, fun people!  the night was literally perfect! 

sadly, joe had to get up early the next morning and head back to work.  but i was so happy he came home, even if it was just a few hours!  one thing about his job, you realize how precious time is and learn to enjoy it as much as you can!


after HOURS of assembling and developing man hands

showing off her fierce yoga skills

that would be a phone book.  that he ate.  guess he was bored.  and that drawer in the background....he opened it to get to his new-found toy

can't really see it, but in the left corner of this back window is a condom that says "wear it"
i want those for my students

 and to send you off.....

gena & i walked into the LADIES room at eischen's and discovered this....

Until next time......