Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i didn't forget about you

you two people that might actually read this.  i just haven't had a lot to discuss.  and i still don't, but figured i could throw some rants and raves out into the universe and maybe something good will happen!  probably not, but i'm going to be optimistic.

before i get to that, joe is home!  which i believe i mentioned before, but he's STILL HERE!  holy cow!  (side note...i just used the words holy cow and i am a little weirded out by this)
he is here, but has been in class pretty much non-stop, so not much has changed.  it's just like i have a roommate now.  things are in the wrong place, there's cups and shoes where they shouldn't be, you know...the norm.  but...i am very happy he's here, as are the pups.  they want to be as close to him as possible at all times.  cute. 

and as soon as class for him is over on thursday, we are on the road and heading to this....

wedding location of jacqui and justin
pic courtesy of skicb.com

 so next week i should have plenty to discuss and lots of pictures to share!

but for now, a few things that have crossed my mind lately.  meaning they may or may not be of any interest to you and are probably not that important in the big scheme of things.  but, nonetheless.....

sandwich shops & tipping

has anyone else noticed this new trend?  go to a sandwich place, STAND in line to order, STAND in line and wait for order to be made, pay at the counter (not a table) and BAM! there is a tip line on your receipt to sign.  i'm sorry but what?  why do i need to tip?  this person did not seat me, did not come to my table to take a drink order OR a food order, didn't even have to walk my food to me, but rather called my name and i came to them!  so why, please tell me why, these places believe i need to tip them?  i've waited tables and it's hard.  really hard.  so  i'm all for tipping actual servers for their hard work and shitty pay ($2.13/hour when i waited) KNOWING that this is where their pay actually comes from.  but i don't think (i may be wrong) that these places pay that.  i may sound like an old, grumpy lady, but this really bothers me and now i feel better for letting you know!

keratin hair treatment

or, as i like to call it, my sanity.  seriously, this stuff is ahh-mazing!  if you haven't heard of it, the keratin treatment is a process done by a trained professional that basically tames nappy hair!  kidding, but not really.  i have naturally curly hair.  through the magic of flat irons, i have destroyed it and basically continue to do so.  cue keratin!  it doesn't make it perfectly straight, but now instead of tugging on my hair and repeatedly going over it with the flat iron to get those damn cowlicks flat, i simply blow it dry and quickly run the iron over it, causing far less damage than before.  i love, love, love it! 
i did it last spring and it lasts 6 months, meaning i was long overdue for another treatment.  and i'm not going to lie, it's not cheap.  so i had been waiting on finances for me to get back in.  well, for one of my christmas presents, joe sent me to jeff to get my hair did!!!  joe is so good!  if you or anyone you know has unruly hair....let me know and i will get you jeff's info.  it will make you and those who have to live with you so happy!

those jehovah witness ladies  

about a year or so ago, a jehovah witness came by our house.  joe, being joe, talked to her.  BIG mistake.  HUGE!  now she comes back on a regular basis, sometimes bringing her jehovah witness friends.  she will bring us literature, read to us from the scripture, and ask us leading questions like

"you think with all the bad in the world that god has a plan for us and the problems are not his doing but rather evil people's doing and he will punish them but those of us who live christian lifestyles will be welcomed into the afterlife, right?" 

blank stare.  ummm.....well.....yeah.  sure. 

(slight exaggeration, but not much)

so me, tyler, the girl who has opinions about everything and can have a loud mouth CAN'T TELL THEM TO LEAVE AND NOT COME BACK.  i don't know why.  i'm sure if i told them what i do and what my beliefs are and that the guy they think is my husband isn't, he's really my live-in boyfriend (GASP!) they might leave me alone.  maybe.  or worse, they'll come back more!  and let me tell you, these ladies are persistent.  yesterday...they rang the door and i was right there on the couch but didn't move.  just sat super still and told the dogs to hush.  waited.  waited.  they kept standing there.  waited.  OH MY GOD LEAVE!  knock, knock, knock.  you have got to be kidding me!

so....for now, i just nod and smile and take the literature and agree to discuss it when they come back.

p.s.  today that literature is on it's way to the recycle place.  at least i'm green with it!

after too much rambling, i'm going to end with a little bit of (my) happiness....

enjoying the weather

and frustrating mom

clean, warm laundry?  don't mind if i do!

just too cute for words


  *if there are any typos, sorry and oh well!


  1. I'm reading and love it! Ditto on the not tipping people who don't wait on you. I waited tables all through college as well and worked hard for my $2.13, I'm sure they're making at least minimum wage...I do want to have the Keratin hair treatment, just have to talk Blake into the expense. Is Valentine's Day and appropriate time to ask for such a gift?? Ha. Can't wait till C.B. Hurry and get there! See you this evening at my casa!

  2. i think valentine's is perfect! what better way to say i love you!?!

    i'm super ready. well, i haven't packed a thing, but mentally i'm ready!

  3. looks like you are going to have to change the title of you blog soon!!!! HOLY COW!!! So much to talk about now!