Thursday, January 13, 2011

it's love

i realize i am WAY behind the curve, but i recently discovered amazon.  i mean, i've known about it, but i've always been a bit wary of online shopping.  that has recently changed...dramatically.  between joe and i, the UPS and FedEx guys are probably sick of our house.  it is so much easier though to browse and compare and stumble upon things you never would at the mall.

i have been looking for a pair of brown boots like crazy for some time now.  in stores. online. wherever!  i just happened to stumble across a pair on amazon.  seriously, it was a complete stumble because it wasn't really listed, it was a "people who looked at this shoe also looked at this" type of thing.  ONE size left.  ONE.  and guess what? it was MY SIZE!!!  score!  what amazon had led me to were really cute, jessica simpson boots. now....i know some people have strong opinions about her, but girl knows how to have a business.  have you heard her empire is a billion-dollar empire!  i'm jealous.  and not ashamed to admit i like her collection.

in addition to brown boots i've been wanting a pair of "cold-weather" boots.  oklahoma has certain days where i wish i had water-proof, warm shoes.  but, spending money on something i may only need a couple of days a year is very hard for me to do.  however, thanks to my dear friend jacqui, i had the perfect reason to actually find some.  girl is getting married a WEEK from saturday in crested butte!  i. can't. wait. so ready to get away.  and of course celebrate their wedding! :)  i found these really cute boots , and to top it off, they were cheaper than any other site.  i love a deal!

so yesterday i get home and have TWO boxes waiting on me.  i don't know about anyone else, but getting packages and/or mail (excluding bills) excites me.  sometimes i wish i lived back in the day where that was a very real and very vital part of communication.  now we have cell phones, email, texts, instant messaging and all sorts of things to keep us constantly connected, which, in my opinion, can be a bad thing.  (sidenote:  sooooo glad we didn't have all of this stuff when i was growing up.  my mom was practically a private investigator anyway!  hi mom) someday, when we're dead and our kids, grandkids, some person our kids hired to get rid of it all,  are going through our things, the chances of them coming across a handwritten letter or postcard are slim to none.  and that's something i've always found fascinating, finding these personal thoughts, written by that very person's hand, postmarked a date from way before i even existed.  there is something very intimate about that, even if it's someone you don't know.  it takes your mind to another time and the curiosity of it all, of where they were, why they wrote it, what they were feeling, what happened to them after the's all very intriguing.   so, i find it sad that it is dying.  if it isn't already dead.  (apologies for so much "dead" talk) 

wow.  tangent.  i'm sorry. 

anyways, i LOVE amazon.  

happy mail


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