Wednesday, January 5, 2011

adios 2010....don't let the door hit you on the way out

well helloooooooo!  it's been awhile, but i've been busy and tired,  so there! :)

obviously we have started a new year.  can i get a hallelujah!?!  i have never been so happy to see a year go.  2010 was a very trying year for me.  there was a lot of drama and heartbreak, anger and saddness, and basically a lot of "what the f*ck?"  (sorry....sometimes i have to use ugly language to get my point across!) 
that being said, it went from horrible to wonderful.  i can't stand the cheesy saying "need to find myself" but that is exactly what i did.  i made decisions and moves for ME and only me!  i rediscovered the amazing people in my life.  i found happiness in doing absolutely nothing.  i quit worrying about the negative in life and started enjoying the positive.  
i believe that sometimes we think too much about ourselves and not enough about others, or too much about others and not enough about ourselves.  i found that balance of me and you. 

so for all the turmoil and B.S. that i experienced, it led me to a better place!  a happier place!

and, just to be fair, 2010 wasn't ALL bad.  there were LOTS of additions to the world, all perfect and snuggly and precious! 

after all of that, i had one of my very best new year's EVER.  after not being here for Christmas, joe made it home for the welcoming of a new year and all of 4 nights!  but hey, i'll take it.  

we celebrated NYE with some of our favorite people out in the country, near ardmore. 

aren't they pretty?!

 we had A LOT of laughs...

and some of the YUMMIEST food ever!!! 

seriously, we cut these steaks with butter knives.  Ahhh-mazing!  for help on making these yummy steaks, talk to my friend gena.  seriously, do it.

we had some celebratory drinks and toasted the new year

out there in the country, it gets COLD and somewhere in the middle of the night, it started snowing!!!

it was an absolutely perfect start to the new year!!  i am ready for it!

to the best year yet!


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