Tuesday, February 8, 2011

here we snow again....

ba-dum bum!
i know....corny.  but, here in oklahoma we like to do fun word things with our weather.  i.e. snowmagedon, ice storm 2009, 2010. blizzard.  you know.  real creative things! 

after our snow action last week and pretty much the whole state shutting down, we are getting ready to have another fight tomorrow.  i'm okay with this.  we get to do some of this....

and wear some of these...
don't let that look fool you...he LOVES it

while this is going on....

maybe.  we shall see i guess!

i should probably get some things done with the time, like my taxes, maybe some wedding planning...but sometimes doing nothing is so much better!

speaking of planning, we're moving right along. 
now on to everything else!
i'm hoping that it will be less stressful from now on.  trying to decide on where we wanted it to take place was brutal!  between our indecisiveness and places being booked, i was becoming a bit grumpy!  (me?  never!)
but i'm super happy with how it turned out and hope everything just falls into place!

Stay safe, dry & warm!


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  1. Yay! Mark those off your list. Stay warm in round 2.