Monday, February 21, 2011

going for a strong title...

like WORST blogger ever.  LAZIEST blogger ever.  absolutely-zero-to-say blogger!
all of these are slightly accurate, but the truth is, between work where we're writing a grant and learning to be tai chi instructors, and all things wedding, i just haven't had the mental capacity to sit down and share thoughts.  because my thoughts are all over the board right now.  nothing i could want to write will cohesively go together, but hey....we'll give it a shot!

last week was one of those weeks where the world just seemed like a vile place.  one where you just wonder "What the hell is wrong with people" over and over again.  first thing, which if you live in okc i'm sure you've heard, but an off duty police officer was beaten so badly his neck is broken.  he has a wife and three children and now he's lying in a hospital bed with the very real possibility of never walking again.  it all happened because he was trying to appease the bar staff where he was watching the Thunder game with his dad and deal with some unruly patrons, when they just decided they could do whatever they're pea sized brain wanted to do.  these people are the epitome of trash.  just complete douchebags.  it is most definitely a moment, without even knowing any of those involved, where the anger and sadness takes over and it seems like the world is just a mean and awful place.  there is absolutely zero sense to this whole tragedy.

then, i'm driving home the other day and there are cops surrounding a bank near my house.  come to find out someone robbed it just a few short hours after they attempted to rob another bank a couple miles away. WHY, WHY, WHY do people think that they can take what isn't theirs.  thieves run a close second to people who harm others or animals in my mind.  (and yes, i put animals and people in the same category which is a whole post for another day.  but today, just go with it.)  i can not comprehend why people think that they have the right to take what is not theirs.  for someone to work incredibly hard to live the life they want to, just to have some thug come and take it...UGH, it infuriates me.  i've had my purse stolen, joe has had his golf clubs stolen, my brother has had his tv stolen...although all different, they all piss me off to no end!

after all of this anger i'm spewing, i'm going to do my best to go into this week a happy person and look for the good in the world.  in spite of the crap i've listed, i know that the good IS out there and it is important to look towards that, without turning a blind eye to the bad.

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