Thursday, February 10, 2011

back to life, back to reality

hi my friends-

we did indeed get a snow day yesterday.  although i was slightly disappointed with the weatherman's inaccuracy, it was enough to keep us home.  i did enjoy some laziness, but amazingly got some things done too!

girlfriend helped me with my taxes

this was after she got rid of some pent up energy....

hauling ass!

i also made some wedding related phone calls.  can't say that i got very far, but what can you do?  i'm  trying to be organized (which is not a 'tyler' word) and keep everything straight, but it's proving more difficult than you would imagine.  even with a planner, calendar, notebook, sticky notes, and mags-out-the-you-know-what, some form of a.d.d kicks in.  i'll start looking up flowers and before you know it i'm trying to find good honeymoon spots for october!  (ps...any suggestions?) 

today was back to work, and even though we opened 2 hours late, i am dragging!  i have not had a full 5-day work week in four weeks and it is going to has completely spoiled me.  next week should be interesting.  you might want to stay far, far away from me!

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