Tuesday, April 12, 2011

it's spring time ya'll

seriously.  are you in oklahoma and have you been outside today?  freaking gorge!
and yet....this is what i look at....

i don't know if you can tell from this high quality iphone pic, but that is my window, that looks through another office, and then, there in the distance, is beautiful sunshine.  just dripping in here.  and you wonder why this place makes me grumpy?  exhibit A.

but, no negative nancy'ing today.  it is too pretty for that, even if i am in the confines of an aluminum box. 

how was everyone's weekend?  mine was fabulous!  i went and saw joe in mcalester and we did a whole lotta nothin!  (not sure why i'm busting out the okie lingo today, but it's fun to try and figure out the correct spelling of such language) 
friday night we went to pete's place in krebs (which, fyi, is where joe was born!).  this little nothing of a town is known as "oklahoma's little italy."  i must say, first time there, not instant love.  this time, so yum.  and the wine.  OH the wine.  it is so fabulous to me.  i know it is completely against all that is right with the world, but i love red wine cold.  and get this, that is how they serve it here!!!  no need for me to be ghetto and ask for ice.  match made in heaven.  now, if you go there, be prepared to be a bit weirded out.  it is a house looking structure, but it is divided into many rooms.  you may have a room to yourself, or you may be in one with a few other tables.  it's awkward.  and prior to your main entree, you get bread, salad, spaghetti, meatballs, ravioli and cheese.  and it is way more than your table will eat.  i would hate to see how much food is just thrown out.  but, a fun place to visit if you're in the area. 
saturday we watched the Masters, washed our cars and had some mexican food.  such a party pair are we :)
isn't he cute

these pictures do not fully capture the size of these drinks

sunday afternoon, back home in okc, keithley, my dad and i took ruby and lola to church to be blessed.  (unfortunately, dozer was still at the 'hotel' but i did get him his own medallion thingy)  no, i am not a really religious person, but my girl deserves to be blessed and they actually let me in!  it was very cute....

something is right around this corner...

making friends

ruby looking calm, but she wasn't

there were dogs, cats, a rabbit, a hamster and some mice

getting blessed

water laid out for the pups
 i'm glad we went....it was very sweet.

a pretty tree for your viewing pleasure


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