Wednesday, December 22, 2010

and so it begins...

this whole new way of life began in august.  well, i guess if you really think about it, it really started a year or so ago.  joe and i had MANY discussions about the possibility of taking a new job.  there were a lot of factors going in to this, mainly his job that he had done for 5 years was pretty much capped out, we were tired of living paycheck to paycheck, and we have some lofty goals we want to reach.  so.....after lots and lots and lots of talks, he went for it and (of course) succeeded! we are having a relationship that consists of random visits, tons of text messages, and 1-2 phone calls a day.  sounds kind of dreadful when it is put onto "paper" but it really isn't ALL that bad.  it was a joint decision and we both know that it will take us where we want to go.

all of that being said, it can be trying.  especially that first month or so.  oh. my. word.  if anything could go did!  i'm not sexist or anything, but if i ever needed a man around, it was then.  some things are just man-things.  first this...

after a lovely day of hanging out on a RURAL high school football field, testing kids, in the RAIN, this happened.  middle. of. nowhere.  luckily, i was able to make it to the hennessey golf course where some very kind men helped me.  it might be important to note that after being soaked by the rain prior to this, i had seriously contemplated stripping down for my ride home.  lucky for these guys, i opted to sport a random hoodie that i had in my car.  whew!  that could have been embarrassing!  anyways, the guys put on my donut and i cruised at a cool 50 the whole way home, got a new tire (thanks mom & dad)  and life goes on.  

well, after during who knows when, this happened....

this was actually coming.  we knew that.  after a few $200 water bills, we figured something was wrong.  lucky for us, we joe got to buy a whole new water line!  woohoo!  so yes, i did have him for this, but it was the calling plumbers, getting estimates, scheduling the replacement, turning off the water (in the ground, by the curb) EVERY day that really wore me out.  like i know anything about plumbing!  there's a leak.  don't know where.  know nothing of sofits, cocksomething or others, or any other technical terms.  JUST FIX IT PLEASE!

i survived though.

after a few months now i'm getting somewhat used to this life.  the weeks are fine.  go to work, come home, repeat.  the weekends...well, that's a little different.  all in all they haven't been too bad.  i've had some good ones and i've had some really lazy (sometimes boring) ones.  but i think that this whole change is really good for us.  in a way, we're closer now than we were before when we saw each other every day.  we came to realize how much we love each other!  (insert cheese slice here) and heck, maybe that's worth more than the end goal (land, house, animals)?!?!

umm... nah. 
 but it is a nice added bonus! 

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